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Build + Renovate 

Luxury Home Construction

Specialty Projects

Residential Renovations

Our team prides ourselves on our high level of detail, quality, and our clear communication between the designer, trades, and clients to ensure your vision comes to life in an efficient manner. We practice only the highest of construction standards that revolves around sustainability, occupant comfort and overall wellness. Our end goal is to build a home that is safe, efficient, and reflects your lifestyle and personality, ultimately increasing your day to day life.

IPC and DESIGN is a full service,
award-winning, Interior Design firm. With a team of over 15 years experience in Interior Design, we specialize in custom home design, kitchen and bathroom design as well as high-end millwork.   


With specialized vast knowledge in all facets of design including AWMAC standards in millwork specifications, we can help develop a design that will meet your requirements, make suggestions that can improve function and durability, and turn your ideas into your dream home.

Interior Design 

Architectural Design

Home Design

Home Staging

Material Sourcing

Communicating a home's structural blueprint and finishing details is the backbone of any project and we believe it to be an essential part of a successful build. Providing the clients and trades with a comprehensive set of drawings and renderings will ensure the development of an integral team succinctly together to create your dream home.

Drafting + Renderings 

Specialty Drawings

3D Rendering & Sketches

Building Permit Drawings

Developer Applications


Construction Management

Project Management

Estimating & Proposals

Design Consulting

To ensure your highest standards are maintained throughout the project we offer complete project management services from start to finish. Clear communication between all moving parts creates a smooth running jobsite and allows us to efficiently relay all site information through our interactive project management platform, BuilderTrend. This allows day to day progress photos and daily logs, seamlessly keeping the clients up to date from anywhere in the world.

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